Active Harmonic Filters


Harmonics can cause Decrease in Productivity, Higher operating costs and PENALTIES.

OSCORP collaborates with a world-renowned manufacturer and is ABLE to provide Active Harmonic Filter products


  • 3-wire / 4-wire from 30 – 120 Amps
  • 3-wire from 70 – 450 Amps
  • Modular
  • Master/master or Master/slave arrangements
  • Harmonics selectable


AHF Benefits:

  • Improves Power Factor
  • Correct Waveform Distortion
  • Reduce excessive heating of devices
  • Prevent nuisance tripping of breakers
  • Prevent blown fuse
  • Reduce power cable issue
  • Increase life of Transformer
  • Reduce neutral current
  • Prevent Capacitor problems
  • Prevent damage to electronic sensitive equipment
  • Reduce electronic comms interferences


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